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12 Target Audience Questions for Content Managers

  1. Who exactly is my target audience? What are their personal stories?
  2. What is the problem I’m solving?
  3. What solution(s) am I offering?
  4. How can I communicate in a way that reaches the hearts, minds, and needs of my target audience?
  5. What kind of information does my target audience find useful?
  6. How does my target audience enjoy receiving information?
  7. How can the people seeking my product or services find me?
  8. Where does my target audience spend their time online? What about offline?
  9. How much time each day/week can I dedicate to creating relevant content?
  10. Why is it important to me to create content?
  11. How much time can I dedicate to engaging with my target audience online? What about offline?
  12. What’s the most important thing I need to learn next?

It’s never too early, or too late to create content. It does take time, consistency, and someone to be a driving force behind it.

Maybe blogging, facebook, and twitter isn’t for everyone. If it’s not something you enjoy, consider finding someone who can help you. Someone who’s passionate about your topic. Someone who can create fresh content. Someone who has a knack for centering the user experience. Someone who can add personality and creativity to content.

Whatever you do, take some time to map out your target audience. Make an old school brainstorming sketch if you need to. Who is your message for and why?

Have any useful Target Audience Questions? What questions do you ask yourself when thinking about your target audience? Please comment below!

Thanks for reading! Mindful Tech appreciates you.



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