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Why There’s Value in Podcasts and Video

So I’m addicted to learning these days. I listen to podcasts when I wake up, during my lunch break, and whenever I can peel my ears from my Ri-Ri Pandora station. Why are podcasts important? Because it’s incredible portable. Here’s my favorites in case you’re interested in tuning in:

Top 2 Podcasts for Marketing Self-Education:

So what have I been learning? The recent take-aways stress the power of video. Video can add depth, emotion, humanization, intimacy, and a share-able link to an easily digested message. It takes certain skills, tools, and influence to create a “Likeable” video with high virality. Maybe that’s why there’s so much value in it. While it’s easy to make a video blog, it’s difficult to earn attention among the noise of internet information.

Now I’m no video expert, but YouTube is the second largest search engine. Strategically tag your video and add links to direct traffic to your landing page. Closed captioning is also important for accessibility and helps your video become more searchable.

Here’s my Top 8 Video Inspirations:

  1. Fellow Brown Boi Micah Domingo documenting his transition
  2. Educational animations like Tomboy (on bullying and gender stereotypes) and The Story of Stuff
  3. Text-to-Voice animations like Adelina Anthony‘s performance promo “La Hocicona Live on CNN Network: Chisme News Network”
  4. Online shows that make people LOL like Awkward Black Girl
  5. Hulu videos like Technology channel’s  “The Future of Video Games: Jesse Schell’s Vision of the Gamepocolypse” which taught me that our future is made of incentives and screens (jump to 7:00)
  6. 30 Second MBA featuring short interviews with business and marketing buffs
  7. Yellow Apparel: When the Coolie Becomes Cool – One of my favorite films from undergrad
  8. Anything by my friend Maya Santos


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